Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the fur real?

Yes – we only use real possum skins and whole sheepskins in the production of our products. Because of this, no 2 pair are entirely identical as the skins come from individual animals. The only artificial product we use is the lacing cord. That is a polyester as it is very strong and lightweight – therefore a bit easier on my wrist with all the hand stitching.

Can we take your products into our country?

Yes. The use of possum fur is environmentally great for New Zealand. Possum fur is one of the very few furs sanctioned for use by the World Wildlife Foundation as the animal is such a destructive pest in our beautiful country. Provided the furs have been professionally tanned, there is no problem. All our furs come from a commercial tannery.

Are the slippers production-line made?

No. We hand make all our products – right from the cutting out of the skins to the hand stitching around the toe piece. Every part of the construction of your slippers is hand made.

How well does the possum fur wear, as we know the sheepskin is hard wearing?

The possum fur is a lot lighter and softer than the traditional lambskin moccasins. We have had tales of sheepskin slippers lasting 20 years or so. Don’t think the possum ones would last quite that long though. One very happy customer just replaced her slippers after 4 years of constant wearing.

My husband has huge feet?

Not a problem. Because all our products are hand crafted, we can make to any size and shape. For very large feet, there will be a small charge for the extra skins needed. May not be able to make them in possum, as they just don’t grow that big, but sheepskin will be no problem.

I have very odd shaped feet...

Again, no problem. We can custom make slippers to fit any size/shape of foot. And we guarantee to get it right, or we will make you another pair. We would just like you to send us the outline shape of your foot.

I only have one foot...

Sorry for you, but no problems for us !!!! we again are only too happy to make to your requirements. That includes only one foot, if that is what you need.

How do I get the right size?

We use an international foot conversion chart, which has proven to be reasonably accurate. We just need to know what size shoe you normally take, and then we convert it to our sizing and go from there.

How long does it take to make a pair?

Usually about 2 hours per pair but spread over 3 to 4 days. After the initial cutting out, they are glued, then left in the press overnight. Then stitched up and finally glued again, and left overnight. Then left on the rack to dry for a day or so as the glue is very strong smelling.

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