I began selling the sheepskin moccasin slippers some 30 years ago now, on behalf of an elderly chap who had been making them all his life.

When he went into a rest home at age 92, his son rang me to come get a copy of the patterns.

So Kozi Toez was born. 

Since then (2004) my partner, Ron, and I have designed and developed all the new products you see today. The possum range and rabbit range are all my design and exclusive to Kozi Toez, as are the Stubbie holders.

We also stock (but not on the website yet) a full range of NZ Made Possum/merino socks and beanies for adults and kids, Cow hides, calf skins, goat skins, Tibetan cushion covers, slink skin gloves, faux rabbit fur fingerless gloves, rabbit shaped, rabbit fur keyrings, and various other things.

Anything you are wanting in the Hide or skin products, please ask. I have suppliers all around the world who can supply me with just about anything 

Happy to answer any questions you may have.


Jan & Ron 

Latest customer comments

the insoles look really great! Will be placing more orders closer to winter!

Such great service and beautiful items! excellent!!

Thank you. Booties sooo cute and warm. Would trade with again

Booties are absolutely gorgeous and great Xmas packaging. Many thanks

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